Brand Protection

brand-protection1Brand or image is important to all businesses, large or small. It is your reputation or image that attracts both customers and investors alike. They seek the reliability, honesty and quality that are associated with your brand.

TMIS can run national brand protection surveys and monitoring in Australia and New Zealand in trade mark and copyright programs. We also have experience in design and patent infringement matters.


We monitor markets and retail both on and off the web. Brand Protection programs are both event and general retail orientated. We can provide a market watch across all industries and classes from FMCG to sporting to luxury goods.

market-surveys1Each month, we visit markets and shops throughout Australia and New Zealand and obtain samples and serve warning letters. There are over 1,200 markets around Australia and TMIS will visit up to 60 each month. In New Zealand, we provide a similar service.

We have extensive knowledge of casual and permanent market traders. Our archived records are second to none. We can respond quickly to complaints and often known who an infringer is based on the description.

Full details of the monitoring are reported to you on a monthly basis.


Brand name protectionOnce infringements are identified, we obtain the necessary evidence we identify the infringer and prepare Cease & Desist letters. We serve Cease & Desist letters on Importers, Retailers and Wholesalers. We also serve on-the-spot warnings in markets.

We make requests for surrender of goods on behalf of the brand owners.

TMIS keep detailed records of these letters for use for future evidence if required. We manage ongoing issues with recidivists.

We seek surrender of the infringing goods and arrange destruction of these items when required.


Witness InterviewsWe conduct a wide range of surveys and market watch programs across a range of counterfeit goods such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to luxury brands.

TMIS has a history of sightings across a number of brands dating back several years. We can provide you with an indication of the extent of the infringement of your brand in the market.


TMIS will assist to put the notice or recordal in place with Customs.

We liaise with the Australian Customs Service on a daily basis. Once we have received notification of the seizure, we search the TMIS databases for any history with the Importers, whether by previous importations or prior infringements by them known to us from other cases.

We prepare warning letters and hand serve the importer seeking the signed forfeiture. We request surrender of any infringing items in their possession or we will work with your legal team to serve legal letters and report on each case.

We investigate importers to obtain contact details and make observations, ie vehicle and premises descriptions, evidence of trade, etc.

Custom Objector Notices or Recordals are invoiced on a per seizure basis. If there are not seizures, there will be no invoice.


TMIS liaise with Australian Customs, Police and other government officials when required to provide brand training and brand awareness issues. We also conduct regular in-house training for our staff.


TMIS have extensive knowledge of casual and permanent market traders and shop details. We have a history of sightings across numerous brands dating back over 10 years. We have extensive knowledge of market operations, problem retailers and wholesalers. We maintain records of market locations, days of operation and the operators.

We can compile a report for you of all sightings of counterfeits sold by a particular market trader or discount store.

Our archived inspection records are second to none.