Is your trade mark already in use? Prior to registering a trade mark, TMIS can assist you in undertaking searches to determine:

  • Is it in use?
  • Has it ever been in use?
  • What sort of use?
  • How long since use ceased?

We will ensure there is no existing, pending or conflicting registration. We will provide you with the information you need should your trade mark registration be opposed.

These are important questions for the facilitation of the trade mark registration or de-registration process. These searches are comprehensive. A quote will always be given and adhered to.


The expansion of the internet has resulted in an increasingly high level of fraud. TMIS will work with you and investigate these cases to provide you with the information you need to bring the culprits to justice.


We engage some of the most experienced surveillance operators around Australia and in New Zealand. This is an expensive resource but used and tasked correctly surveillance can be a very useful tool.

Surveillance can be utilised on a daily or weekly basis according to your needs. We recommend most surveillance be conducted on a one man a day with a 12 hour day commencing at 0700 hours. This may need to start earlier in some cases.

In some difficult cases, two (2) surveillance operatives may be needed and we can roster 24×7 duties as required.

Video footage, still images and detailed log of activities are submitted.

Careful planning is necessary to ensure resources aren’t wasted and that all enquiry is pertinent.


TMIS have a number of trained operators to provide CPP. We can provide drivers and security officers to suit your requirements. Quotes on application.

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