Law Enforcement


Trademark Investigation Services have developed excellent reporting techniques for the referral of criminal cases to the various State and Federal Police Forces. These include witness interviews and evidence briefs. As a result TMIS investigations have led to many criminal offences being detected and charged. The resources of Police to assist will differ in various jurisdictions.


Trademark Investigation Services work closely with the Australian Customs Service. We can assist you with: –

  • Lodge coordinate and manage Trade mark and Copyright Objection NoticesĀ  (Recordals)
  • Hand service of Customs Seizure Notices and follow up letters
  • Investigate Importers
  • Obtain contact details and make observations i.e. vehicle & premises descriptions, evidence of trade etc
  • Prepare intelligence reports
  • Request surrender of items in their possession
  • Training on brand awareness and issues with Customs

With the Customs, Trademark Investigation Services prepare product and brand training manuals and will train Customs Officers in product recognition in Australia and New Zealand. TMIS also liaise with Customs to assist in the identification of counterfeit goods and referral of intelligence.

Liaison with Government Agencies is necessary to ensure criminal activity doesn’t go without action.


TMIS are conversant with the Trade Marks Act 1995. There are other relevant intellectual property legislation to assist with IP infringement including the Copyright Act 1968, the Designs Act 1906, State and Territory Fair Trading legislation and the Trade Practices Laws.

We are active in government lobbying to continuously improve the IP legal framework for more effective enforcement of IP rights most relevant to industry needs and concerns.

Trade Marks Act 1995:
Copyright Act 1968: