Litigation Support

TMIS are able to assist in the preparation of witness statements and evidence to support commencing proceedings.

When litigation is on foot, we can provide support, including interviews and finalising of affidavits, exhibit evidence handling, location and management of witnesses in collaboration with appointed legal representatives.

For more information: –

  • Process Serving
  • Evidence Collection
  • Witness Management


process-serving-1TMIS are able to assist you with service of documents throughout Australia and New Zealand. We maintain a network of efficient agents in most regional and metropolitan areas for prompt action upon receiving your instructions. Documents can be served on an urgent basis.

Affidavits of service are available on request.

Documents can include: –

  • Subpoena’s and witness documents
  • District Court Documents
  • Family Court Documents
  • Divorce papers
  • Notice of Claim
  • Cease & Desist letters
  • And all other Documents


The collection of evidence can be the essential key to your investigation. TMIS obtain samples, prepare them for exhibit handling and provide reporting for your information. If necessary, TMIS will also manage production of evidence into court.

facts-investigationOur agents are skilled in obtaining evidence in counterfeits, copyright material, patented material and any other general samples as per your needs. We are frequently involved in criminal prosecutions and producing evidence. This must be beyond reasonable doubt.

All of our staff and agents adhere strictly to the rules of evidence ensuring your case is not tainted in any way.


Locate WitnessesAt Trademark Investigation Services, we specialise in locating people throughout Australia and New Zealand. We employ and train our own investigators to be proficient in location services and we have the facilities to undertake a number of searches to find estranged family members, debtors and witnesses.

Often, searching for a person when you only have limited details, like a partial name or an address, can be extremely difficult and time consuming. It can be particularly stressful if that person owes you a sum of money, needs to make a witness statement, or be informed of the passing of a family member.

TMIS can save you the time and frustration and have a comprehensive report in your hands within 48-72 hours. Our research team and investigators have been able to locate people in both Australia and New Zealand with only a name provided. If we are unable to confirm identities, we have field officers who are able to conduct surveillance and door to door enquiries.

We are able to conduct various searches to cross match information and eliminate. Combined with this, we will conduct discreet enquiries to locate missing witnesses.

If you need to find someone, we will help you.


TMIS will conduct a suite of searches to cross-match information and locate witnesses. We will also conduct discreet enquiries to locate missing a potential witness to build your case.

Witness InterviewsWe can assist you contacting the witness, introducing you to the witness or as a third party in contact with the witness. This can be for the preparation of witness affidavits or attendance in court.

TMIS can also assist in interviewing the witness and preparing them for court.

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